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TUTU: Two initials that sound like an invitation to dance. Two syllables that symbolise the dance of the chico mambo. A dance that revisits the most important works in the world through the tutu, a symbolic icon of the choreographic universe. TUTU is a play on the greatest choreographies of our time, revived in a piquantly ironic way.

Long or short TUTU? Classic or modern TUTU? TUTU for men or women? White or black TUTU? One or the other, both, and even more...

Because TUTU makes everything possible: beyond gender and codes. The show is performed by six dancers: versatile artists who struggle with many different interpretations, faces or styles. They want to fully experience the freedom and uniqueness of dance.

With them, laughter becomes poetic, theatre is created on stage and things come alive... Whether classical, contemporary, ballroom, sport, academic or acrobatic, the Tutu Men's dance is versatile, atypical, irreverent, gentle, funny and always artistic.

The six male performers slip into all roles like chameleons - more than 40 characters make us laugh, marvel and be impressed. But although the troupe is known for its self-irony, its technique is highly professional.

Pure entertainment!



Chicos Mambo

The company Chicos Mambo was founded in Barcelona in 1994, when Philippe Lafeuille met two dancers: a Catalan and a Venezuelan. Their experience as dancers and their sense of humour gave rise to the spirit that can be felt in their shows.

The Chicos Mambo are known all over the world: from Paris to Japan, via Canada, Luxembourg, Scotland, the Netherlands and Italy.

Philippe Lafeuille, artistic director and choreographer of the ensemble, embarked on a new adventure in 2014 to mark the 20th anniversary of the company. He developed TUTU , with an all-male cast, which takes up various ballet themes and satirises them with outlandish costumes and comic scenes.

The show, which was performed at the legendary Théâtre Bobino in Paris, was an international success with over 400,000 spectators and more than 500 performances. They won the Audience Award in the "Dance" category at the 50th Festival OFF of Avignon and the Audience Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017.



Press reviews:

After less than a minute, the laughter begins.... It's an act that tells the audience right from the start: you're here to have fun.

Genre after genre, the world of dance is poked fun at with a loving wink.

The Scotsman

Six men take to the stage in frilly trousers to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes and entertain audiences in a field so often seen as feminine. However, her very masculine physique shows what it means to be a successful male dancer - pure athleticism.

The most important thing about the performance, however, is the message that we should not judge and assume what someone can do based on their gender.

Wee Review

There's a difference between mockery and a loving message, and Tutu clearly falls into the latter category

The List, Edinburgh


The world of dance sometimes takes itself a little too seriously, but Chico's Mambo is the opposite of that notion.

The all-male cast perform a smorgasbord of pieces that showcase both masculine and feminine performances, and the way the dancers move with immense power, but also with grace and poise, makes you wonder if there really is such a thing as dancing 'like a girl' or 'like a boy' - why wouldn't a man dance a breathtakingly graceful pointe solo? Chicos Mambo masters the balancing act between masculine and feminine with symbols that often symbolise the delicate grace of ballet.

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CHICOS MAMBO is touring Germany with TUTU in Spring 2025 (also during the carnival season).

Further dates on request

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