FRIDA, Eva Duda Dance Company

FRIDA, Eva Duda Dance Company

FRIDA, The Muse of Life

Eva Duda Dance Company, Hungary

FRIDA, The Muse of Life

This spectacular production about the life and work of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo takes the audience into an exotic dream world that draws on the rich expressive power of music, dance and visual art.

As in a guided exhibition, the dancers and paintings present the beauty and challenges of Frida's destiny as an artist, express the passion of her loving life, provide insights into an impressive culture, create a carnival atmosphere and tell some remarkable moments from her eventful life.

It is not the story of Frida's life, but a theatrical vision of a dramatic and colorful world inspired by the artist's extraordinary life journey.

From the perspective of the 21st century, the choreography immerses us in the atmosphere of Mexico, Frida's homeland, with all its surprises and revelations. It gives a modern face to the passions and waves of emotion that so strongly influenced her life.


About Eva Duda

The multiple award-winning choreographer and director Eva Duda from Budapest creates work in various areas of the performing arts. In addition to creating contemporary dance, she also works on major opera and musical productions, various experimental theater performances, short films and music videos. She has performed in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania and Poland and teaches at various art academies in Hungary and abroad.

Her love of experiments always pushes her to search for new working methods, different visual concepts and different forms of movement, often inspired by new circus, urban or folk dance. Besides sensitivity, wild energies and high physical qualities that characterize her work, she always creates a special and unique character in her shows.


About the Company

After more than a decade, the Eva Duda Dance Company is one of the best established independent contemporary dance companies in Hungary. With its artistic work it tries to build bridges between the mainstream and the more progressive genres. Their aim is to make contemporary dance accessible to new audiences and to inspire them.

In recent years, more than 100,000 spectators from 15 countries have
have enjoyed the choreographies and other programmes.

They are a motivated and young company with big ideas and plans, developing for the future of performing arts. In their Budapest studio they not only create new productions every year, but also organise dance events, workshops and invite international artists. They develop various art projects in and for Hungary (e.g. dance short films, an eco-festival) on the topics of environmental awareness, gender issues, cultural differences and human rights.



FRIDA opens this year's DÜSSELDORF FESTIVAL 2024 on 11 and 12 September.

Further dates on request


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