Of Curious Nature

New Productions in 2022

Of Curious Nature

Bremen, Germany

"Variety and Diversity at the Highest Level"

"Dance art to marvel at"

was the title of the review of the premiere by Radio Bremen.


Of Curious Nature is one of the most exciting and versatile contemporary dance ensembles in Germany, which has developed a multifaceted artistic identity in recent years.


The Premiere of the new production "Ort / Un-Zeit" was at the end of May 2022 in Bremen (Schwankhalle).

The new double evening showed the wide range of this versatile group and once again proved the artistic accuracy in the selection of international guest choreographers.

The combination of the work ORT by the Spanish shooting stars Kor'sia with the choreography for UN-ZEIT, the work of artistic director Helge Letonja, showed exciting contrasts of intimacy and strangeness, of quiet moments and driving group dynamics:

"Both together had the character of a small festival - in just 90 minutes !" Radio Bremen

The Spanish choreography collective Kor'sia deals with dance as an artistic way to break down and comment on the behaviour of human society. In their latest choreography, which they are working on with the dancers of Of Curious Nature, the two choreographers Antonio de Rosa & Mattia Russo determine the place - or rather the non-place - as the starting point of their creative process.
For Kor'sia, non-places are spaces of mere transit in which people remain anonymous - spaces without relationships such as underground stations, multi-storey car parks, motorways, petrol stations. Places of encounter that nevertheless do not allow encounters. In these places, we need tools to become active: Passport, boarding pass, shopping list - points of reference in places of passage, suspended between point of departure and point of arrival. Kor'sia questions these un-places about their possibilities: Can they be changed or
can they be changed or reinterpreted by new narratives?

Helge Letonja, artistic director of OCN, is developing UN-ZEIT, the second choreography for this new dance evening. UN-ZEIT follows the perception that individual time is atomising and accelerating. This rubs off on the state and cohesion of society. Trust and public spirit are dissipating and crises and conflicts are becoming more frequent. Individuals seem to drift into parallel time worlds in which they are spatially connected but can no longer find a common level with each other.
Letonja takes Henryk Górecki's Symphony No 4 as a musical reference point. Inspired by the power of the music, he formulates a contemporary dance language as a counterpoint to it with the expressive dancers of the ensemble. UN-ZEIT uses dynamic choreography to describe the current drama of a turning point in time and searches for reliability and support in intimate moments.


The objective of the artist collective Kor'sia is based on the creation of artistic means whose epicentre lies in the body. It explores individual and collective spaces for reflection and seeks access to existence and the world through dance movement. Currently, Antonio de Rosa and Mattia Russo, the artistic directors and choreographers of the project, together with Giuseppe Dagostino, researcher/scientist in the field of performing arts and Agnès López-Río, Professor of Performing Arts, as artistic advisor, the main actors of the KOR'SIA collective.

Kor'sia is based in Madrid and is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Spanish Government, the Community of Madrid and the City of Madrid. The artists' collective has worked in France, Italy, Panama, Switzerland, England and Germany, among other countries, and has created several for renowned European companies.

Helge Letonja, choreographer, artistic director of steptext dance project and the dance company Of Curious Nature, has so far choreographed around 50 dance pieces, often realised in interdisciplinary and transcultural collaboration, often realised in interdisciplinary and transcultural collaborations. In addition, he is a tireless advocate in Bremen and nationwide as a member of the as a board member of the Dachverband Tanz, he is a tireless advocate for dance and is involved in many and is involved in a wide range of collaborations for the networking and communication of the art of dance. Letonja opens up dance as a mediator of cultural diversity, social participation, interdisciplinary art and research.

About the company:

The company Of Curious Nature brings together professional dancers from all over the world in the northwest of Germany. The company has developed an inspiringly versatile artistic identity that is entirely dedicated to contemporary dance. The movement language of the company is committed to the cultural present, always intense, emotionally multi-faceted between subtle inwardness and stirring energy. Drawing on the current impulses of life, its artistic accuracy offers a heterogeneous audience varied, sometimes surprising, always credible points of contact with today's world. Helge Letonja has been artistic director of the ensemble since 2019.

The dance ensemble Of Curious Nature is at the heart of the dance development concept TanzRAUM Nord.
Supported by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture, Cultural Office of the City of Hanover, Bremen Senator for Culture, Bremen Theatre, Lower Saxony Foundation, Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation.
Supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR programme, graduate funding DIS-TANZ-START from the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (umbrella organisation for dance in Germany).



Further performances from Thu 29. September - Sat. 1. October 2022 in Bremen's Schwankhalle.

Tickets coming soon at www.schwankhalle.de


Tours are possible throughout the year.

Please contact me if you are interested.



Of Curious Nature, Trailer

Interview with Helge Letonja, artistic director OF CURIOUS NATURE